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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are You Telling Your Real Estate Story?


All great marketers tell stories...

This concept is so true, marketing expert Seth Godin’s recently retitled his famous book with the new title "All Marketers Are Liars Tell Stories".

This book is famous for a reason. Despite being written close to a decade ago, it holds evergreen value in the marketing world, regardless of how many technological advancements the world has seen since Godin first published it.

All Marketers Tell Stories

Godin originally published the book in 2005, which doesn’t seem like that long ago until you consider that "mobile" hardly existed, tablets were pieces of stone in the Bible, Twitter was poor vocabulary for an annoying bird, and Facebook was a new phenomenon with college students.

Think of how technology has advanced over the past eight years. Few had smartphones in 2005. Fast forward to the present, where we all could soon be wearing computers built into the lens of our glasses.

And yet, great marketing principles remain universal.

Godin demonstrated as much in his book when mentioning REALTOR® Arthur Riolo.

Riolo is a Hudson, NY real estate agent who has built his business around telling the stories of the community he serves.

Did you pick up the key to that sentence? Telling stories.

Not necessarily the kind of stories you might tell your family. But the story of who you are, and what your company does. What makes you different? Why would someone who barely knows you want to work with you?

We talk a lot about how real estate engagement has changed (click to get your free White Paper on the recent shift in Real Estate Lead Engagement). The park bench and billboard of yesterday probably didn’t tell your story. The newspaper ad showing your houses was a beneficial business necessity, but it still didn’t tell a story.

Bad Marketing on Park Bench - Breaking Bad

Leveraging a blog to tell your story

The more advanced real estate gets, the more important it is to tell your story. This requires you to have a story to tell, and to have the ability to tell and broadcast your story. At Delta Media Group, we believe whole-heartedly in this. This is why we build marketing technology tools to help you tell your story, and help you have a story to tell.

One simple way to tell your story is through blogging.

We blog regularly here at Delta, and not simply because of the interesting information blogging allows us to broadcast to the marketplace.  Blogging also offers a strong SEO benefit to us because our website is consistently being updated with fresh, unique content.  And as people read our blog, interact with it and share it socially, Google rewards us in its search rankings.

Blogging can also benefit you greatly as a real estate professional.  It can help your real estate business rank higher in the search engines, highlight your properties, capture leads and spread your brand virally across social networks, growing your sphere of influence.

Did you know that you can blog through the Delta platform?

Delta's real estate platform includes an integrated blogging interface. With Delta’s simple to use platform, you can draft and post your own blog posts, or input an RSS feed like the Wall Street Journal or Inman news so your blog populates with fresh industry content.

You can even select from three stylish templates and completely change the look of your blog if you want to.

If you are a current Delta customer, you can view your blogging interface right now in the 'Marketing Tab' of your DeltaNet™ website back-end system. 

Delta's integrated blogging interface is simple and easy to use!

Have questions about how to use blogging for your real estate business?  

Feel free to contact Delta anytime to learn more about blogging for real estate.

If you are not leveraging blogging to help tell your story to the marketplace, you need to be, and our experts are here to help you get started.

We will share valuable tips that will help you start telling your real estate story and show you resources on how to utilize real estate technology effectively to broadcast your message.

If you are not a Delta customer and do not have access to a blog through your current system, contact Delta today and learn how our real estate marketing system can help you grow your business.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse our blog where you can find more valuable information that will help you tell your own story!

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