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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking for strategic partner, not just a technology vendor?

Partner with Delta Media Group and grow your real estate business.

At Delta, we truly partner with our clients.  In fact, we have been building successful collaborations with real estate brokerages and top performing agents for over 20 years.

To make it simple, we're about partnering together to help our clients grow.

But our successes as a marketing technology company only go as far as the measurable successes of our real estate clients.  We take pride as a company when our clients experience success through our collaboration.  And when our clients are happy, we want to tell that story to the marketplace. 

This is why we enjoy broadcasting client success stories and testimonials on our website.  See the stories below and read about how we have successfully partnered with clients both large and small to help them grow their businesses.

Click Here to read about how Delta’s deep partnership with Homesale Services Group has helped transform their business into one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate brokerages in the nation.
Click Here to read about how Delta’s relationship with Irongate REALTORS® quickly blossomed into a collaborative partnership that has paid major dividends since the launch of their new real estate web platform.
Click Here to read first-hand testimonials from satisfied brokers and agents who have partnered with Delta to grow their real estate businesses.

So What is Your Story?

Do you have a success story involving your partnership with Delta that you would like us to tell through our website and blog?  Contact Us today and let us know! 

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