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Friday, May 30, 2014

New DeltaNet™ Features and Upgrades: 5 Star Ratings in Google, My Customer For Life Campaign and "Door-Knock" Leads

5 Star Ratings Update - Users Love Them and Google Loves Them!
Delta is excited to announce a major upgrade release that will enhance the SEO value of your agent website.  We have submitted 5 Star Ratings to Google!

Star Ratings are starting to appear in Google search results for agents that have them on their customer-testimonials pages.  Because they are optimized on your website for customer search, your star ratings will appear in Google search results, which will drive more prospects to your website.

We are pleased to show that Google has already begun picking up on this change.  See an actual example of this upgrade in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - Star Ratings are now appearing in Google search results

Reminder: The My Customer For Life™ Email System Launches June 2nd

To further enhance your email marketing capabilities in our platform, we have built out a new automated relationship communication campaign tool called My Customer for Life™.

This powerful drip email system sends outs pre-loaded monthly emails to customer groups and the contacts you specify.  It combines templated emails already in our campaign system and several new emails into a year-round automated campaign, saving you time while providing ongoing touch points with your customers.

These emails come pre-designed with your photo, company branding and verbiage created to provide value and keep the engagement going with your contacts (see Figure 2 with sample emails below).

Click Here to learn more and see additional screenshots of this feature release!

Figure 2 - Delta's My Customer For Life Campaign sample emails

Virtual Market Analysis "Door-Knock" Leads Feature Launching June 2nd

We have another new feature that will be launching on June 2nd that will give you actionable insight into prospects engaging on your website. We will be releasing a new lead category affectionately referred to as "Door-Knock" leads.

Door Knock leads are anonymous prospects who fill out your Virtual Market Analysis (VMA) form, but do not leave their contact information.  When a website visitor provides their home address to request a VMA Report (see Figure 3 below), a Door-Knock lead is automatically created in DeltaNet™for you to follow-up with.  Having their home address will allow you to mail them a postcard or perhaps even knock on their door and introduce yourself!

This feature is available for agents using our upgraded platform beginning June 2. The feature must be turned on by your website administrator.  As always, feel free contact Delta customer support at or 1-866-233-9833, for more information or help with this feature upgrade.

Figure 3 - Delta's Virtual Market Analysis Report Form

Click Here for more information on Delta's recently upgraded Virtual Market Analysis System (Figure 3 below) and learn how it can help you capture new listing leads.

In order to access these feature releases, you need to make certain you are on Delta's upgraded web system. If you would like to upgrade you can upgrade through the DeltaNet™ system or by calling your company web site administrator. If you need help with this you can always reach out to our support department at or 1-866-233-9833.

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