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Friday, June 6, 2014

Your DeltaNet™ Mobile Platform Feature Spotlight

The mobile consumer continues to evolve as so do mobile platforms for business. In fact, industry research indicates that mobile traffic will soon rise above 50 percent in real estate.  

Because of this trend, we are continually advancing and refining our mobile technology to provide a more customized experience for consumers and administrators managing your website.  And because of our emphasis our innovation, Delta's real estate platform features some of the most advanced mobile technology in the industry:

  • Our mobile websites offer geolocation that displays listings wherever your clients are located, integrated account login between desktop and smartphone and easy access to ask questions or make showing requests. 
  • When a user creates an account on our platform, whether mobile or desktop, their account is instantly available on all of their devices. This unified experience helps eliminate confusion and help your user find the perfect home faster.
  • Our mobile platform also allows for custom company branding & background imagery and has been developed with advanced mobile-optimized standards.

To make you aware of those advancements we have put together our Mobile Platform Feature Spotlight, containing valuable information that will help ensure that you are leveraging our mobile platform fully with its features and functions.  Listed below are several of Delta's Mobile Platform features and settings available to both firms and sales associates on our upgraded system!

Mobile System Settings

Easily upload your own 644 x 866 custom background image

Custom Company Background Image
In addition to your company logo, our mobile platform includes the ability for you to upload and add a 644 x 866 background image of your choice.

This system setting is located on the 'Home Page Image' tab under 'Mobile Preferences'.

Choose your default home page type under 'Mobile Preferences'
Default Home Screen 
Our system allows you to choose between a Custom Home Page vs. Atlas Search for your home page.

Custom links can be added from the drop-down menu under 'Home Page Links'

Navigation Control
In our mobile platform, you control the navigation and are able to customize the interface by adding the links and custom pages of your choosing.

These settings are controlled from the 'Home Page Links' tab in 'Mobile Preferences'.

The 'Home Page Links' setting interface displays your navigation

Navigation Links Confirmation
The System displays for you which links you have chosen and will appear in your mobile website navigation.

Your zoom radius can be set under 'General Settings'

Zoom Radius Control
Our mobile system settings offer a custom zoom radius control setting which allows you to customize the radius based on your unique market and geographic area.


Your default search view is selected in 'General Settings'

Default Search Setting
Our mobile system allows you to choose your default search setting, based on the experience you would like your customer to have with property search on your mobile site.   You are able to easily set the default search between 'List' or 'Map' views.

Easily set your default search view based on your market preferences

Default Property Type
Our system allows to you set your interface's Default Property Type, and easily turn Rental Search on or off based on your preferences and inventory.

Mobile User Interface Features 


Delta's mobile search map interface

Show Nearby Properties Feature
Our mobile interface features a 'Show Nearby Properties' button on the map.  A user can perform a search and go to the map, then click 'Show Nearby Properties' and the system shows properties around them, even if they were not included in the original search criteria.

This feature allows mobile users to find more homes for sale by expanding their search.

Listing Type Search Flexibility
The property search form provides maximum search flexibility and control for your mobile customers. It provides your mobile users with the ability to select both 'Property Category' and 'Property Type' as their search criteria.
  • Searchable Property Categories include Residential, Rental, Land, Commercial and Multi-Family. 
  • Searchable Property Types dynamically change based on the selected Property Category.

'Find a Property' interface
New 'Property Type' selection tool
New search filters

One-Click Access to Office Driving Directions
Our mobile interface makes it simple for Android and iPhone users to quickly and easily get driving directions to real estate offices. From the office roster, when a user clicks on the office address the office location is opened on the map. From here it's easy to get turn-by-turn driving directions to your office.

Office Roster
Agent Roster
Navigation Interface

Mobile Payment Calculator
Our mobile websites include an easy to use mobile-optimized payment calculator, located on each Listing Detail page.

Now your customers can get their estimated payment on the spot while on the go looking at listings!








Would You Like More Information On Our Mobile Platform?

If you are a Delta customer who would like to upgrade to a mobile website under our Upgraded Platform, please contact via email or by calling  1-866-233-9833.

If you are not a Delta customer and your company does not currently have a mobile website or the mobile features we offer, and would like to discuss pricing and options, please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

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