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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are You Leveraging Delta's Email Marketing Feature Upgrades?

Delta's Customer Center is the email marketing hub for your real estate business! 

Using Customer Center in DeltaNet™,  you are able to execute and efficiently manage email marketing campaigns and keep track of ongoing activity with your customers.  In the past three weeks, Customer Center has been majorly upgraded with several email marketing features which help make keeping in touch with past, present and future customers much easier and more effective!

And if you are a Delta platform customer and are not yet using our recently released "My Customer for Life™" drip email campaign system (see below), you need to be.   For those of you who missed the announcement on this feature release- we have you covered.  Just continue reading this post and learn how you can start using this powerful campaign system today.

Easily add customers to your email campaigns in the 'Customer Overview' widget

To go along with the recent upgrades, we have updated the 'Campaigns' widget to account for the "Add all users to this campaign” function- a feature which adds efficiency to your marketing.

On the 'Customer Overview' tab for each customer, the 'Campaigns' interface now tells you which email marketing campaigns your customer belongs to, and if they were automatically added to a campaign through your default system settings.

If a customer has not been automatically added to a campaign through your default setting, you are able to easily add them individually by clicking the green 'Add' button.

The 'Campaigns' interface shows a customer's campaign status and allows you to easily add them from the widget

Customer Profile showing Opt-Out status

See your customers' email communication preferences at a glance with campaign opt-out groups

Delta has also released a new feature which makes it simple for you to view the email marketing communication preferences for each customer from the 'Customer Overview' screen.

In the 'Customer Overview' interface, there is now an 'Email Opt Out' field  This field displays which communications types the customer has opted out of, if any.

Delta's "My Customer For Life™" drip email campaign system

Email marketing absolutely produces real estate leads when used effectively. Because of this, email marketing is a foundational component of our platform's Customer Center in DeltaNet™.  The newest addition to our Customer Center feature suite is an automated relationship communication campaign tool called the My Customer for Life system.

This powerful drip email system sends outs pre-loaded monthly emails to customer groups and the contacts you specify.  It combines templated emails already in our campaign system and several new emails into a year-round automated campaign, saving you time while providing ongoing touch points with your customers.

These emails come pre-designed with your photo, company branding and verbiage created to provide value and keep the engagement going with your contacts.

My Customer For Life drip emails include:
  • Welcome Email
  • Market Watch Invitation or Confirmation (if currently signed up)
  • Virtual Market Analysis Invitation or Confirmation (if currently signed up)
  • New Listing Emails Invitation or Confirmation (if currently signed up)
  • Spring Forward Reminder
  • Happy Easter Email
  • Happy July 4th Email
  • Fall Back Reminder Email
  • Happy Holidays Email

My Customer For Life interface in DeltaNet's™ Customer Center

A marketing automation system that does the work for you

The My Customer For Life system does the all work for you once you have your settings configured based on your business preferences.  Just turn the system on and specify your settings and let it go to work engaging with your customers!  Your emails are coded to behave intelligently, with "smart" personalization fields that populate your customer information and messaging based on their historical engagement with your website.

Below is sample screenshot of the Welcome Email, which can be set to automatically send to anyone who creates a portfolio account on your website.  This email contains welcome messaging along with account credentials.  It also prepares your customers for the ongoing monthly emails to come by explaining the value in the communications they will be receiving.  Your customers are always given an opportunity to be removed from your mailing list.

Welcome Email sample

Market Watch Invitation emails communicate the value of Market Watch to customers who are not currently subscribed in the system.  If they are already a subscriber, they receive an email confirming their subscription.

Market Watch invitation email sample

The My Customer For Life system was built with intelligent "smart" fields that auto-populate your customer's info into the message body.  You are able to then easily personalize the messaging for all the emails in the editor if you choose to.

System email editor (green arrows demonstrate smart fields)

If you do not have access to our upgraded Customer Center and would like to have access to the My Customer For Life system and our other powerful marketing features, you can upgrade through the DeltaNet™ system or by calling your company web site administrator. If you need help with this you can always reach out to our support department at or 1-866-233-9833.

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