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Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Flexible And More Intuitive Property Search Launching Monday July 28th

On Monday, July 28th all websites using the new search engine will receive bug fixes, performance updates and new features making property searches more intuitive and flexible for your customers!

Delta's customer-driven property search includes the most up-to-date technology available to the industry.  Our advanced search results system is a modern, feature rich, customer driven search interface containing advanced functionality like Interactive Atlas Search powered by Google Maps.

The development team at Delta has always put a premium on property search technology because we understand that this is the single most important feature of your website.

To put it simply, property search is the main purpose of your site!  Because of this, we are excited to announce that our property search is getting even better with major upgrades coming to the search interface.

Delta's advanced search features make is easier for your customers to find the properties they are looking for

Next week on Monday July 28th, Delta is launching several major refinements which improve the user experience for consumers searching for homes on your website.  Here are a few of the new upgrades that will make your property search forms smarter and help your website users find what they are looking for even faster!

Users can Quick-Search by partial address name
Sometimes website visitors may only know part of the property address they are searching for.  Or perhaps they want to search for a particular street or neighborhood. Our upgraded Quick-Search interface allows a visitor to type in only part of the address and see a list of results that match the words in their criteria.
Delta's property search includes new features for your customers, including partial-word Quick-Search

Users can search by school name
Many home hunters with school age children only want to consider properties that fall within the area of a particular school.  Our property search upgrade will allow your users to search for properties by school name, including elementary, middle school and high school if your data includes this information and your defaults are set up for it.

Define your own search defaults with flexible control parameters
We are adding a brand new search control interface in the back-end system which creates additional flexibility for your business needs. This interface accessible in DeltaNet™ allows administrators and Sales Associates to easily control the defaults and search parameters available to users on your website.  Sales Associates will inherit company default settings unless they specify their own.

Delta's new search control interface allows admins to set search defaults to include school and post office

These new features upgrade our already advanced Search System which includes:

Enhanced filters that dynamically refine list results
Search location list filters include city, area, subdivision, school and district, zip code and post office.  Selected locations can also be narrowed by county.  The search form then dynamically updates when results filters are added and the search is modified.

Multi-area Search-and-Save capability

Users have the ability to search multiple areas at once.  Saved multi-area searches can then be accessed later by the customer or saved and emailed by Sales Associates.

Delta's advanced property search form allows for multi-area Search-and-Save

Dynamic "smart fields" that populate and maintain results
Our search forms fields pre-fill and auto-format results as users type into them.  When a user modifies their search criteria, results will be maintained in the interface until they are cleared or reset.

Smart design that reflects company branding
The search interface incorporates a dynamic "smart" design that adjusts automatically based on the company's aesthetic design and color scheme. 

iPad Compatibility
It is critical that today's modern real estate platforms support tablets, especially the iPad. Because of this, our search results interface is fully compatible with iPads.

This compatibility extends to the scrolling photo browser in each search result.  Watch this video to see the photo browser in action...

Is your website running Delta's upgraded Search System?
If not, and you would like to activate this new search system on your website, please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833. 

If you would like to take a look at our advanced property search results for yourself, CLICK HERE and see a a live search results page.

Or, check out this video highlighting several of the advanced search features we released last December...

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