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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

REMarketer Pro™ Spotlight - Features That Grow Your Business!

We are continually advancing and refining our real estate platform in order to provide a more powerful experience for consumers and better marketing tools for our customers. 

To make you aware of what is currently offered through our advanced (or upgraded) system and help you leverage it, we have put together an REMarketerPro™ Features Spotlight, highlighting nine valuable features that will grow your business.  Here's what our upgraded platform can for you...

  • Save you time and energy- Our advanced system frees you up to do more, get more listings and close more deals by utilizing efficient marketing tools offered through the upgraded platform.
  • Make you more money- Our advanced system will help you generate more revenue by engaging with current & past customers and potential sellers to get more listings.
  • Build your brand and online presence- Our advanced system makes you look like the professional that you are and builds your web & marketing presence.

Turn your website into a revenue-generating powerhouse by leveraging these nine REMarketerPro™ Advanced Platform features!

1. Professional Design and Customization
In today’s era with the portals you want your brand marketing to look great and stand out in order to compete.   You want a modern looking website that positions you effectively as a successful real estate professional. Our REMarketerPro™ system allows you full control to upload your own unique header and quick-search background images.  The system also allows you to choose your own color scheme and menu items, and change them whenever you like.  If you need help and would like our Design Experts to design a custom website header for you, we can at a very affordable price.

Delta REMarketerPro™ website with custom header graphic

2. Mobile Device Integration
Just having a desktop website is no longer enough.  Offering a mobile website is critical because over 40% of homebuyers conduct their search on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  To take it one step further, you should have a mobile website that aligns with your desktop and tablets sites, thus strengthening your brand’s presence.  Our REMarketerPro™ system includes a mobile website that includes branding unique to you.  This empowers you to build your brand effectively across multiple channels.

Advanced platform websites carry your branding from desktop to mobile

3. Customer Testimonials and Reviews
Customer testimonial and reviews are hot marketing tools and are really important in today’s real estate industry.  Our REMarketerPro™ system gives you the ability to automatically collect customer reviews, preview and approve them before they show up on your website.

Our Customer Testimonials System provides another tool for strengthening your online brand

4. Map Search
Online map or atlas search is the preferred search method for real estate consumers. With our advanced system's Map Search, your online customers can search for homes around them via map and narrow their search with advanced parameters such as school name, school district and zip code. Best of all, your users can perform their search via mobile or tablet from anywhere.

Our Map Search features provide the search experience your customers are seeking

5. Virtual Market Analysis System
Our Virtual Market Analysis (VMA) System is a great REMarketerPro™ tool that you should be promoting in order to get new listings.  We have seen countless stories from Sales Associates where their customers signed up for a VMA, checked out what there property could sell for and looked at market trending data.  This then created a lead for the Sales Associate who eventually turned the lead into a listing.

Delta's VMA System will help you generate more new listing leads

6. Market Landing Pages
Our Market Landing Pages are unique content pages on your website that help you define and build out your specific markets online.  If you are serving in a large metro market, or perhaps multiple local markets spread across a wide area, this tool allows you to focus and hone your specific markets.  Establishing Market Landing Pages also help with your website’s Search Engine Optimization as people search for listings and real estate information in certain areas.

Delta's Market Landing Pages will build your website's SEO value through custom market-based content

7. Market Watch Emails
Our Market Watch Emails are monthly or bi-weekly auto-generated customer email communications with your personal branding that offer market trending data to your customers. After receiving your company branded Market Watch Email, your customers will view you as their trusted source of real estate information on topics like area housing market trends, average home prices, average days on market, recent sales and listing data.  Signing up your customers to receive Market Watch is simple in your DeltaNet™ back-end system.

Delta's Market Watch emails educate your customers and position you as a market expert

8. Branded Email Blasts
For those of you on the advanced platform who are not taking advantage of our Email Blast System located in the ‘Customers’ section in DeltaNet™, you need to be!  With our Email Blasts, you are able to create and send group emails to your customers with a push of a button and communicate a quick update on the housing market or simply stay in touch so they are hearing from you.

Just go in, select a template, start typing message, select the group, and hit send.  Our Design Team can build you a custom branded email header that looks great on mobile and desktop at a very affordable price.

The Email Blast System helps you communicate with large customers groups with a push of the button

9. The My Customer For Life Email Campaign System
The My Customer For Life System is a powerful drip email system that sends outs pre-loaded monthly emails to customer groups and the contacts you specify.  It combines template emails already in our campaign system and several new emails into a year-round automated campaign, saving you time while providing ongoing touch points with your customers. These campaigns help you stay in touch but also promote different features that will get you more business, like Market Watch, New Listing Emails, VMA’s and more.

The My Customer For Life System gives you the ability to turn it on and engage with customer groups all year long

To sum it up, each of the REMarketerPro™ features and benefits above can play an important role in growing your business. The tools available through our system are there to empower you with kind of modern marketing approach needed in order to stay competitive and maximize your marketing ROI. 

If leveraged properly, your system will save you time, grow your revenue, and position you effectively like the successful real estate professional that you are! 

Have Questions About Our REMarketerPro™ Advanced Platform?
Click here and learn more about REMarketerPro™.  If you have questions about a how to use certain features of the platform please watch our REMarketerPro™ Education Videos in the "Action Items" section above.  You are also welcome to call our Customer Support line at 866-233-9833 or email us at anytime.  We would be more than happy to help!

If you are on our Basic or Standard Platform and would like to learn how to upgrade to the reMarketer Pro™ Platform, please speak with your website Administrator or contact Delta Customer Support at 866-233-9833 or
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