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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Real Estate Website Edition!

At Delta we understand the value of a modern, up-to-date website. 

In fact, we do website redesigns all the time for real estate companies who want to keep their branding up-to-date and their customers satisfied. 

We constantly analyze data and insight gained from our redesigns and the more than 300 real estate brokerage websites and 30,000 agent websites we have built and manage.  Our business is about taking that insight and designing websites that give brokerages a competitive boost in their markets.  

To give you an inside peek on how we do this for our customers, we have put together our first Extreme Makeover: Website Edition, showcasing a few of our favorite redesigns and outlining the Top 3 Website Redesign Strategies to be taken into account by anyone who is considering a real estate website redesign.  

Read our website makeover strategies below and see three companies who have chosen to take their online marketing and branding to the next level by partnering with us to redesign their websites!

Strategy #1: Enhance your brand with cutting-edge design and features

When was the last time you redesigned your company website?  Vertical scrolling, Atlas Map Search, social engagement tools and the list goes on... Real Estate websites are constantly evolving and the marketplace demands that we stay on the cutting edge with design and functionality.  In order to keep up with industry design trends and new features your website should be refreshed every twelve to eighteen months. 

Below is our extreme website makeover for DeHoff REALTORS, which greets visitors with a striking vertical scrolling homepage.  Click through to visit their updated website and check out their cutting-edge design!

Strategy #2: Follow up-to-date website usability standards and surpass customer expectations

Meeting and surpassing customer expectations should be the number one goal of your website redesign. When visitors come to your website two things should be made clear quickly....the purpose of your site, and 
how to find the information they are seeking.


If these things aren't made perfectly clear through your layout, you risk losing your visitor to a competitor.

 Elements of a well-planned layout with easy-to-use navigation are integrated with five main usability factors:

1. Efficiency
2. Learnability 

3. Memorability
4. Effectiveness
5. User Experience Satisfaction

Delta's expert design staff works with companies to implement a custom layout based on industry best practices & standards.  The goal with that layout should be to meet and surpass customer expectations, providing them with the best possible user experience.  

Below is our extreme website makeover for Ryan Hill Realty, which offer clear calls to action for both buyers and sellers.  Click through to visit their simple-to-use and understand website layout!

Strategy #3: Improve your search engine rankings with fresh content

Today's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about the website user. Many people feel SEO means optimizing a website for search engines when it is really more about optimizing a website for people who use search engines. Sure, search engines do love fresh content that come through website redesigns. But more importantly, your users will love your new website content and typically benefit the most!  

Below is our extreme website makeover for Old Colony REALTORS, which provides a prominent click-through to their custom Local Market Data interface.  Visit their updated website and see how they are using content to attract and keep site traffic!

Have questions about enhancing your current website's usability or working with Delta create a new cutting-edge website design?  

Contact our website design experts today by emailing or calling 866-233-9833. Or, visit our Enterprise Custom Website page to learn more about our Delta's website solutions.

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