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Monday, October 20, 2014

Important Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Next Website Design Project

At Delta Media Group, our real estate marketing and design experts constantly analyze insight gained from our design process and analytics from the more than 600 real estate brokerage websites and 35,000 agent websites we have built and manage.  

They then take that insight and build it into new sites designed to give real estate professionals a competitive boost in their markets. 

Before these new projects get started, prospective clients consistently voice to us a common list of themes or reasons for wanting to redesign their old websites:

 1. They want to stand out from their local competition
Real estate professionals want a modern looking website that gets attention, grabs market share and takes their online marketing to the next level.

2. They want to compete with the large portals and national franchises
Local businesses realize they need the latest tools and features in order to keep pace with large real estate portals like Trulia, Zillow and national franchise powerhouses.

3. They want to improve their website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value
Search engines love fresh content and site updates.  Educated businesses understand that a redesign will improve their rankings and get sales associates more leads.

4. They want to improve their website's usability
Web standards and user expectations change quickly. Real estate professionals want a redesign that follows industry best practices and improves their customer user experience.

5. They want to integrate their company’s social media efforts
Firms and sales associates want to integrate social media marketing into their site in order to be more efficient and boost customer engagement.

With these common themes in mind, we recommend that real estate businesses consider the following factors before designing their website.

Incorporate a modern design and cutting-edge features

How long has it been since you redesigned your website?  Vertical scrolling, Map Search, social engagement tools, client reviews… Real Estate website features are constantly evolving and the marketplace demands that we stay on the cutting edge with design and functionality.  In order to keep up with industry design trends and incorporate new features like mobile and dynamic search, your website should be redesigned every twelve to eighteen months. 

Follow up-to-date website usability standards that will meet customer expectations

Meeting and surpassing customer expectations should be a primary goal of your website design. When visitors come to your website, two things should be made clear immediately: the purpose of your site and how they can find the information they are seeking.

 If these concepts aren't made perfectly clear through your layout, you risk losing your visitor to a competitor.

Elements of a well-planned home page layout with easy-to-use navigation are integrated through four main usability factors:

1. Efficiency

2. Learnability

3. Memorability

4. User Experience Satisfaction

Your website designer should work with you to implement a custom layout based on industry best practices & standards that incorporate the four usability traits above.  If you design your site with these in mind, your online visitors will come back to your new website often.

Improve your search engine rankings with fresh content

Today's SEO is all about the website user. Many people feel SEO means optimizing a website for search engines- when it is really more about optimizing a website for people who use search engines. Sure, search engines do love fresh content that come through website redesigns. But more importantly, your users will love your new website content and benefit the most during their home search. 

Considering these factors prior to your project will help improve your online marketing, help ensure your branding is up-to-date, and help keep your customers satisfied!

Ready to get your website design project started?

Perhaps you are tired of your old brokerage website and looking to refresh it with a new more modern design?  Our website design experts are here to help.  Contact us today by emailing or calling 866-233-9833 and our experts will guide you through the process to ensure that every one of your design goal are accomplished.

Or, visit our Enterprise Custom Website page to learn more about our Delta's website solutions.

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