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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Article: How Sharing Content Socially Boosts SEO

Are You a Social Butterfly?

If “Content was King” in 2012 and “Social Media Soared” in 2013, then 2014 was the year when the two joined together and formed today’s new SEO.

Relevant, top-notch content is the key for effective marketing on the web.  Google likes a website that is updated frequently with fresh content.  And the same holds true with social media sharing.

Sharing content through social media channels impacts SEO because:

1. Link building has always played an important role in website ranking.  If links were a way for people to “vote” in favor of sites, social media sharing represents a way for that voting behavior to continue.

2. You will receive better rankings for quality social connections.  Don’t confuse this statement to mean the more followers you have, the better rankings you will receive.   Just as search engines don’t count all links equally, they don’t view all social accounts as being the same.  You want to gain references from social accounts with good reputations.

3. Sharing your website content across social media channels tells Google your content is high quality and should be ranked accordingly. Similar to links, getting quality social shares is ideal, but being shared widely on social networks is still helpful. Good things happen when more people see your site or brand.
Participation on social media channels is crucial. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account set up, you’re missing out.  You’re not building a network that can help share your content, talk about your website, and build your brand.

Delta Media Group’s online marketing services can help you build a website that both visitors and search engines will love.  Talk to us today to learn more about content creation and social media marketing.

-Stephanie Hollender, SEO Product Supervisor, Delta Media Group


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