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Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is your mobile strategy for 2015?

Having just gotten home from the NAR Conference in New Orleans, and after playing 'catch-up' at work the past couple days, I am finally getting a chance to sit down, relax a little, and read some industry articles.

I just read an interesting article that, to me, suggested that real estate brokerages should stop trying to play the web site game (think mobile) and give-up the online battle to Trulia and Zillow because of how good they've become at mobile. This was all based on an analysis of one company, albeit a large one.

I don't agree!

I've been privy to the web stats for some of the largest real estate brokerages in the country and while some of their statistics aren't what they should be, giving up to the portals is not a solution. Nor a business strategy.

I'm happy to share that many real estate brokerages are doing quite fine and they're growing their online businesses.

Take a look at these statistics for Mobile and Tablet Traffic for a mid-sized brokerage that has implemented a mobile strategy over the past couple years:

Their overall traffic has grown and, as shown by the above Google Analytics Statistics, their Mobile and Tablet Traffic has grown and their leads have also gone up. Their mobile users are up 35.20% so far this year. Overall sessions aren't up as high, only 25.62%, but that's expected due to an email marketing strategy that's engaging these customers and sending them new listing emails.

Now, if you think that those numbers are just one company, you're right, they are. However, here are even better Mobile and Tablet Traffic statistics from another company that Delta Media Group works with. These are better! While this company is smaller than the one above, their growth is quite impressive!

While I can't share the web statistics of the large brokerages we consult with what I can share is that if your online business is declining and your mobile traffic isn't growing than maybe you're talking to the wrong company and you need to be talking to the experts at Delta Media Group!



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