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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Have You Updated Your Home Page Image For The Winter?

The end of December marked the official start to Winter, a season that invokes picturesque images of frolicking in the snow and holiday celebrations. For many across the country this seasonal change is strikingly distinct as the landscape moves from Autumn's fall leaves to Winter's white snow.

With Winter now here in full force, we wanted to remind you that it's not too late to update your home page image!  

As an example, check out the home page for one of our partners, Burgan Real Estate.  Their updated home page image speaks to the current season and conveys a playful message that Winter's snow can be fun too!
Click Here To View The Website Of Our Partner, Burgan Real Estate

You Can Do This Yourself! 

Here is the good news for most Firms and Sales Associates on our platform: you are able to change out your home page images on your own through your DeltaNet™ interface!  

If you a have questions about how to update your home page image, please don't hesitate to contact a Delta website support specialist by calling 866-233-9833 or emailing

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Delta Media Group is the enterprise marketing and business management solution for real estate professionals, leading the industry's online marketing, website design and business technology development since 1994.  Delta partners with companies and top-performing agents at the point where marketing meets technology, helping clients efficiently navigate their business pipeline from lead to close.

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