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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cutler Real Estate Launches New Website With Delta Media Group

Cutler Real Estate, one of the largest independent real estate companies in the state of Ohio, has launched a redesigned website with Delta Media Group.

Cutler Real Estate is a full service company with 25 offices and over 380 Sales Associates specializing in the marketing and sale of residential real estate in Northeast Ohio, Greater Cincinnati, Greater Columbus, and Northern Kentucky.  With this redesign,
Cutler delivers a more modern, user-friendly interface and enhanced website experience to its customer base.
The new incorporates a tile-based vertical scrolling home screen with full-size scaling background imagery on each tile.  Its central quick-search auto-complete box is prominently featured on the first tile of the home screen, and it automatically suggests matching cities, towns, school districts and subdivisions as searchers type into the interface.  Each suggestion dynamically displays 'Top Results' associated with the search entries, making it easier and faster for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Subsequent home screen tiles offer valuable information and links to customer resources including current market data, transaction management tools, videos, buyer and seller guides, client testimonials and much more.
 The new home screen featuring a dynamic quick-search interface

This website redesign is only one facet of Cutler’s collaboration with Delta.  Their relationship also consists of marketing initiatives that include custom content services and Properties in Motion® listing videos. In addition, Delta also serves Cutler with constantly evolving business management tools through the web portal's fully integrated back-end management system and automated lead platform.

Jim Bray, one of Cutler’s Broker Partners, explains how the integrated portal and his firm’s ongoing collaboration with Delta helps Cutler manage its business more efficiently.

“Delta Media Group has developed rich, cutting edge products for Cutler," says Bray. "Our relationship is a collaboration that helps everyone, and it would be chaos without them. We are doing an awful lot of lead generation with a relatively small staff. We wouldn’t be able to handle the volume of business we do without the systems Delta has put in place to help facilitate that.”

With the help of their redesigned website and ongoing marketing efforts, Cutler Real Estate will undoubtedly continue to grow and expand its market share in Ohio and into other parts of the Mid-West.

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